Why can't I find the Noughty Rise and Shine range on the website or in stores anymore?

At Noughty we pride ourselves in being transparent, and as we continue to develop new products, it’s sometimes necessary to discontinue or phase out some lines. That’s why from October 2019 the Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine range will be discontinued. This includes Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Shampoo, Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Conditioner and Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Serum. We hope our loyal Rise & Shine fans will find love with another Noughty range. For those looking to target normal hair, with no other hair concerns, you could try the Noughty Pumped Up Volumising Range. This oil free formula is gentle enough for normal hair and will add a little extra va-va-volume to your roots.

As we bid a fond farewell (sniff) to Rise & Shine we’re busy creating some new Noughty delights and look forward to sharing with you soon. Sign up to our email to keep in touch to hear the latest Noughty news.

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