How To Protect Your Hair From Pollution

According to recent research, most of us are worried about pollution. Cigarette smoke, kitchen fires, and even dust can contribute to pollution and it’s often worse in the city, where the density of buildings and cars create urban canyons, concentrating pollution at street level. You probably already know that it’s having a big impact on the health of the planet and the people. The Greater London Authority’s urban trees remove somewhere between 850 and 2000 tonnes of particulate pollution (that’s the bigger bits) from the air each year. What you might not know, is that it can also have an impact on your hair, contributing to dryness, breakage, irritated scalps and even thinning.

Pollution in the form of soot, dust, dirt, particles and gases deposited on hair fibres day after day, can affect the way your hair and scalp look and feel, as well as how easy locks are to manage. The crazy thing? We’ve been making it worse when we attempt to compensate for dryness and breakage with treatment and styling products. Ironically, the products we apply to deal with dryness or breakage can make hair more inclined to attract and collect pollution.

The Solution: Tough Cookie

Packed with new technology based on the most basic of food by-products, wheat bran, Tough Cookie Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner create a shield on each strand of hair that inhibits pollution from settling and getting a grip. So, it helps your hair avoid the deposition of pollution as well as helping to strengthen it.Tough Cookie Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

Here are some other tweaks you can make to your regime that will help reduce the impact pollution has on your mane.

Hydration Hydration Hydration

Pollution sucks the moisture out of your hair, so make sure you’re putting it back and staying on top of your hair’s condition, with a leave in conditioner like Thirst Aid Conditioning and Detangling Spray or Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner.

Deep Conditioning

Add deep conditioning, to your regime weekly. Between heat styling and pollution, modern life is sucking the moisture from your hair. A mask that focuses on strengthening the hair’s hydro-lipid layer (the natural barrier that keeps moisture in to retain hydration) like To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment, with its blend of plant extracts and oils, will help turn the balance in your hair’s favour.

Style Restraint

Hair that’s already predisposed to be dry and breakage-prone because of environmental factors, needs to be handled with care when styling. Always use a heat protecting product like To The Rescue Anti Frizz Serum or Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Serum. Try to minimize the amount of heat you’re using – whether it means updating your styler to one with multiple heat control settings or letting your hair air dry for longer before picking up a heat tool.

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