There’s nothing that deflates a great hair day faster than an itchy, irritated, dry scalp. We formulated Care Taker Shampoo and Conditioner because those of us with this scalp type, are sensitive souls that need gentle handling. Finding a solution can take more than a great shampoo and conditioner. Et voila: Care Taker Scalp Tonic.


Powered by soothing bisabolol and oat extract, this simple solution relieves dry, irritated or itchy scalps. Easily absorbed, Care Taker Scalp Tonic leaves the scalp feeling super-soothed…but neither greasy nor sticky.  It’s simple to use. Before you style your mane, section damp OR dry hair (how many sections you will need depends on how much hair you have). Apply one or two drops to the scalp in each section. Massage in gently using your fingertips and the lightest of pressures. Once it's all massaged in, you can carry on with your day - there's no need to rinse Scalp Tonic out!


We use natural source bisabolol. It’s not just sustainable, but the natural version is 50% more effective than the synthetic equivalent. On top of the combination of soothing bisabolol and the inflammation-calming avenanthramides in our oat extract is some powerful synthetic chemistry: piroctone olamine. Piroctone olamine makes your scalp an unfriendly environment for the microbes that can contribute to the irritation that leads to itchy and flaky scalps. It’s skin-friendly, multi-tasking chemistry that gets to the root of the problem while helping to soothe and calm symptoms. Fast.


No more frustrating itchiness or the flakes of dead skin that make wearing black a questionable fashion choice. Just rapid relief for dry, irritated, itchy skin and more great hair days. Problem? We’ve got the solution.


Care Taker Scalp Tonic.

Just what the doctor ordered.

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