Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray

Moisture is key to winning the battle against dryness, damage, tangles and frizz, whether locks are thick, normal or fine, curly or straight. You might even call it the holy grail of haircare. Almost every head of hair can benefit from a boost of hydration. At Noughty, science is the magic wand we wield to answer challenges to manes everywhere, so we’ve applied it to creating a mist of moisture that keeps on treating manes long after you’ve stepped out of the shower. Enter Thirst Aid Conditioning and Detangling Spray, our brand new lightweight leave in conditioner.

If you’re going to be serious about tackling dryness and the damage associated with it, it’s not enough to add conditioning plant oil, you need hydration. Hair has a natural tendency to absorb, so applying nature’s hydrators (like sweet almond and sunflower extracts), combined with humectants such as glycerine, is a great way to raise the moisture content. Humectants attract water from the environment to them and hold onto it. This gives plant oils the opportunity to trap that moisture in the cortical fibre where it can raise the natural moisture content.

That’s why we’ve packed Thirst Aid with lashings of luscious plant-sourced humectant glycerine, as well as hair hero argan oil and shea butter to seal in moisture and keep it put. This lightweight conditioner is formulated to even out the hair’s moisture level, detangle unruly knots and transform dry and damaged hair into luscious locks.  So, whether you’re looking for a new everyday staple in your regime, or just need something in the last weeks before a trim to keep pesky ends in line, Thirst Aid has the flexibility to be an every mane hair hero.

Get spritzing!

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