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Noughty Scalp Massager

Stimulating  | one size

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Long day at the office, kids finally asleep, found 5 minutes for some selfcare! Noughty Tribe we’ve got you covered. This bamboo handled, silicone bristled Scalp Massager is a ‘me’ time mini head masseuse in the making.

Ideal for those prone to flaky, itchy scalps; The massager helps to exfoliate dead skin cells away. By using on a weekly basis you can minimize product build up and unclog dirt and sebum from the scalp.

Bamboo Handle. Silicone Bristles.


Made of hydrogen and oxygen, water is used as a solvent (dissolves ingredients), humectant (draws in moisture), and emollient for skin (retain moisture).


Apply your favorite Noughty shampoo as usual. In circular motions brush across the scalp, as if giving yourself a mini massage. Focus on small sections to ensure you treat the entire head. Also suitable for use on dry hair, so no need to miss out post hair wash day!

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