8 Tips to add Volume to Fine, Limp Hair

Did you know that having ‘fine hair’ actually reflects the smaller diameter of each thread of hair, not the actual number of hairs on the scalp? You might be surprised to know that actually, in general, people with fine locks have more individual strands than the other hair textures. Fine hair therefore also goes hand in hand with having more sebaceous glands, which produce oil that drags hair down from the root - a recipe for limp, flat, volume-less hair.
Short of a fairy godmother, there’s not much you can do to change the fundamental factors. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do with the right product and a handful of tips and tricks:

1. Shampoo daily for volume.

An oil-free shampoo, like Pumped Up Volumising Shampoo, doesn’t add to the oils which your scalp’s producing, and gently lifts away excess oil without stripping the scalp. Using a harsh shampoo that strips the skin of oil will just prompt your scalp to make more.

2. Wash that volume right into your hair.

Rinse your hair thoroughly…and then rinse it again. Residues weigh down hair as well as leaving it dull.

3. Right conditioner, right place.

An oil-free conditioner, like Pumped Up Volumising Conditioner, adds humectants and replenishes the moisture your hair needs for conditioning and strength, without over loading it. Never put conditioner close to your scalp or around the crown of your head where you want volume to start. Mid lengths and ends only. In fact, follow this rule with stylers as well.

4. Blow-dry for volume.

Lifting from the roots is key if you want more volume, but don’t be too quick to pick up your round brush. Use your dryer to blast dry hair first, until it Is about 80 percent dry. Only then should you start sectioning it and styling with a round brush.

5. Put down the cotton towel.

Cotton towels cause friction and are more prone to damaging the strands and causing breakage. Instead, use a Microfibre towel.

6. Volume’s a snip away.

Cutting your hair gets rid of uneven, ragged tips – having all your ends the same length creates a uniform bulk creating the perception of body – it’s why blunt cuts are the best for delivering visual volume. Getting rid of heavy length will also instantly lift. Lighter hair = more volume.

7. Colour creates volume.

It’s not often we’d recommend colouring your mane as the solution to a challenge other than going grey, but colouring, whether its highlights, bleaching or the deepest, darkest of shades, can give manes more volume and body. This is because colour particles swell the hair shaft. The cuticles, raised to allow colour in, are slightly roughened, causing each strand to lie slightly differently against its neighbour and creating body. Just be sure to moisturise well.

8. Tackle tangles.

Knots. Avoid them at all costs. Use a detangler like Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray and gently work through your hair in sections using fingers. Using twists, bantu knots and looser braids at night to keep the tangle monster in the closet can be helped with a silk, satin or microfiber turban. Tugging at tangles will only cause snaps and breaks, the broken strands opening themselves up to further damage. Sometimes scissoring out a stubborn knot is the best option.

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