Brassy hair? Try our new Purple Reign Tone-Correcting Duo

You’ll have to forgive us if we’re a little excited to introduce you to Purple Reign Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s been a journey to get here. When it came to toning or purple shampoos, we could see the need and hear the clamour for a natural haircare solution. “Impossible”, the formulators cried. “Can’t be done in a highly natural formulation,” the chemists said. “Yet,” we said and challenged our development team to look for the innovations that would make the unachievable possible.  The result? A 97% natural shampoo and conditioner that completely reflect our values (of course) and work to remove brassy yellow and orange tones from blonde, grey and highlighted hair for a brighter, fresher mane.


Packed with Leaping Bunny compliant purple toning pigments, Purple Reign is based on the principles of the colour wheel – shades that appear opposite each other balance each other out. And opposite orange? Purple (well, violet, really). The result for hair? A cooler shade of blonde, crisper greys and brighter highlights from the first wash. All you have to do is add Purple Reign to your regime, washing (or conditioning) with it as often as you need to keep the brass at bay.


Like all Noughty shampoos, Purple Reign is sulphate free, so needs plenty of water and activating between your palms before applying to your mane. Unlike other Noughty shampoos, Purple Reign needs a little extra contact time with your locks to ensure the balancing pigments penetrate. Start by leaving it on for a minute and build up to the perfect time for your hair. And because we know that it can be hard to part with your favourite shampoo (or maybe you’re a co-washer), we’ve made Purple Reign Tone Correcting Conditioner powered by the same violet pigments. Use one, use both, wash those yellow and orange shades right out of your mane and down the drain.

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