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Be your best blonde this spring.

Blonde hair has always been a favorite on the red carpet, but this Spring, blondes are blossoming everywhere else too. Whether it’s face-framing balayage, creamy strawberry tones, dark roots with contrasted platinum, cream soda ombre, or blush highlights, boosting locks with blonde trends can refresh the entire face. You’re probably familiar with the theory that blondes have more fun, and possibly another that women in positions of power are more likely to be blonde.

Here at Noughty we embrace trends and theories, but what we really love to talk about is science. And what we know about the science of blonde is: it is not exact.

Why? Because with such a broad range of shades and tones in the spectrum of blonde, it’s hard to define exactly what we mean by “blonde,” and how many of us qualify as one. Coupled with the extensive scale of tones in natural blondes, reported statistics on blondes are vast: somewhere between 2 and 13% of the global population is thought to be naturally blonde.

Whatever the statistics, we know that science dictates if you’ve chosen to go for the gold rather than being born that way, keeping blonde bold and beautiful can take some serious maintenance.

Many shampoos for dyed blonde work on the principle of the color wheel: tones close together work in harmony, while opposites clash. Violet and purple are opposite to yellow and orange, so when applied to hair color, they neutralize brassy orange and yellow tones to keep your blonde looking natural and bright. This is how purple, silver or toning shampoos deliver results on dyed blondes.

Unfortunately, while this theory works according to the science of color principles, it can’t be replicated using natural ingredients. That’s why our new 97% natural Blondie Locks range is not purple. Instead, to brighten and boost your blonde, we harness a powerful blend of natural extracts. We’ve looked at what it takes to keep blonde looking bright, and bottled the science in tubes.

First, there’s lemon – the 1960’s and 70’s mainstay of every beach blonde’s hair regime, with fruit acids to help smooth the hair shaft, creating a more reflective surface. To that, we’ve added traditional herbal lighteners of chamomile, rhubarb and cassia, renowned for brightening shades of blonde. All formulated with a modern twist: a cocktail of 11 amino acids to help protect your color and moisturize your hair, at the same time adding luster and shine.

Finally use a Purple Shampoo and conditioner, like our new Purple Reign range to avoid bassy tones. 

The results? Blonde brilliance, that rebels against the ordinary through harnessing nature. Because we believe that being blonde should be both powerful and fun. So whatever your shade, tone or seasonal look, join us in celebrating the start of spring with our new Blondie Locks range. Boost the Blonde...release the Rebel!


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