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It’s a well-known fact that smell has a strong influence on our emotions, and plays an important part in our sense of well-being. We at Noughty are very careful with how we create the fragrance in our products.

Noughty choice is to formulate with a minimum of 97% natural ingredients, and never more than 3% synthetics. We consciously balance high-quality performance with safety and sustainability by tempering our use of natural fragrance with naturally derived, synthetic, or nature-identical ingredients.

Why? Because no matter how much we believe in the beauty and efficacy of purely natural fragrance, natural ingredients can be challenging. 

The challenges of natural fragrance:

Consistency and olfactory (smell) experience. The smell profile natural fragrance ingredients produce varies year to year. Mere hours of sunlight or inches of rain impact how an essential oil smells. Natural fragrances are very susceptible to interaction: the same natural fragrance can smell totally different in a shampoo base compared to a conditioner.

We like to bring out the best of natural fragrance ingredients by using them in small doses, tempered with naturally derived, synthetic, and nature-identical ingredients for a divine sensory experience with consistency. We want you to know exactly what to expect every time you open a bottle of Noughty product. 

Safety. Essential oils can be potent and active on the skin. This can be positive, such as when antibacterial or anti-inflammatory effects are desired. However, natural fragrance ingredients can also irritate sensitive skin and can contain allergens. Our Noughty choice to carefully balance the natural and synthetic helps to give you a safer product.

To be clear on what we mean by synthetic: synthetic substance or synthetic compound refers to a substance that is man-made by synthesis, rather than being produced by nature. In other words, if human intervention is required, then the substance is considered synthetic.


Defining the natural alternatives:

Naturally-derived fragrance – The best of nature…just not all of nature. The starting point for these materials is natural, then processed to change the chemical structure of the raw material.

Synthetic fragrance – These are produced through chemical reactions that have no corresponding natural aroma, but pick up on a specific smell and copy specific aspects of it. They are exceptionally stable, and we know everything about them. 

Nature-identical fragrance – A direct replica. These synthetics have the same chemical structure of naturals but are created through a chemical reaction. They are impossible to distinguish from the original.

We want you to fall in love with our haircare scents and feel good about your hair and scalp. By carefully crafting each Noughty fragrance with these various types of fragrance ingredients, we can fulfil our commitment to creating evocative aromas that:

  • Smell the same whether you’re smelling a shampoo, conditioner, treatment or styling product
  • Are safe for sensitive skin
  • Protect endangered plant species from overuse while still celebrating their unique smells

It warms our cockles to read your wonderful comments about our fragrances, and we hope you continue to share the fragrance love!

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