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Conditioning and Detangling with Thirst Aid

Whether your hair is fine, thick, curly, straight, short or long, the chances are you’ve probably experienced the dreaded feeling of stepping out of the shower with dry locks and a full head of tangles. Like all of us, hair has its good and bad days and sometimes it just does not want to play ball, no matter how much conditioner you throw at it.  So many things influence the condition of our hair, from cold winter air and central heating to over-styling or dying, which means unfortunately bad hair days are just downright hard to avoid.

So, on these dreaded days, what can you do? The answer is actually rather simple, you need a good dose of moisture. Enter your knight in shining armour, ready to triumph in the battle against dryness and tangles: Thirst Aid Conditioning and Detangling Spray. We’ve packed this leave-in formula full of natural hydrators (like sweet almond and sunflower extracts), combined with humectants (such as glycerine), to raise hairs moisture levels and banish those tangles in a flash. You can read more about how it works here.

Ursula from Mumbelievable shows you how to use Thirst Aid Conditioning and Detangling Spray and reveals why she loves it here:

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